• Banquet Hall

    Our pristine banquet hall with the seating capacity of 250 people provides arrangements for grandiose dinners and celebrations suited to the occasion. A view of the outdoor fountain with glass floors overlooking the lake adds a dynamic touch to the setting for the guests. The catering services offer a wide array of international cuisine selections and chefs whose expert hands will whip up your cravings with artistic perfection.

  • Lake View Auditorium

    The elegant Lake View Auditorium is the perfect place for a large scale seminar, AGM, product launches or events with a large group of audience. Boasting a seating capacity of 480 people, the Lake View Auditorium with its latest audio/visual equipment, seating arrangement and stage makes it effortless to host such events.

  • Conference Room

    For meetings and official gatherings of moderate size in nature, the Conference Room provides a seating capacity of 110(Theatre), 80(Class Room), 40(U - Shape), 90(Banquet) people. Along with the state of the art projection, audio/visual equipment and our signature calm settings, the Conference Room ensures an environment that helps its guests stay focused and relaxed at the same time.

  • Lake View Meeting Room

    Whether it’s a workshops, a small meeting or a training session, our Lake View Meeting Room will be tailored to your exact needs. Providing the following seating capacities: 110 [Theatre], 64 [Classroom], 80 [Banquet] people, the state-of-the-art room is quite versatile in nature.

  • Executive Meeting Room

    Our very private Lake View Board Room, with a capacity of 10 people, provides the best facilities for the all-important occasions like a board meeting. Featuring a multi-tutorial interactive display, the place is well-equipped to facilitate its guests with all means of information and productivity while at the same time providing a calming view of the lake and the greenery.

Conference Venue & Rental:

Venue Type Tariff (per shift per day)
Auditorium Tk. 100,000
Banquet Hall Tk. 50,000
Lobby Lounge Tk. 40,000 for Banqueting

Tk. 75,000 for Exhibition
Conference Hall # 1 Tk. 14,000
Conference Hall # 2 (Lake Side) Tk. 25,000
Conference Hall # 3 (Lake View) Tk. 30,000
Conference Hall # 4 Tk. 30,000
Conference Hall # 5 Tk. 35,000
Executive Meeting Room Tk. 20,000
Seminar Room # 1-2 Tk. 8,000
Open Deck (Lake View) Tk. 5,000
Pool Side BBQ Corner Tk. 20,000
Open Field 1 Tk. 100,000
Open Field 2 Tk. 100,000
Open Field 3 Tk. 100,000

Shift 1: 9 am - 5 pm Shift 2: 6 pm -11 pm

Equipment Rental:

Equipment Tariff (per shift per day)
Multi Touch Interactive Display Tk. 10,000
Multimedia Projector Tk. 2,500
Laptop Tk. 2,000
Cordless Microphone Tk. 1,000
PA System Tk. 1,000
Collar Microphone Tk. 2,000
Conference System - 30 Microphones Tk. 8,000
Conference System - 50 Microphones Tk. 12,000
Conference System - 100 Microphone Tk. 20,000

The Rates are subject to 10% Service Charge and 15% VAT.